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How to Win a Streetfight

Legendary UK ex-bouncer Geoff Thompson knows a thing or two about the reality of streetfighting. When he worked the club scene in Coventry, he is reputed to have had some 300 fist fights – the majority of which ended in him knocking out his opponents, many of whom were larger. As a result of his […]

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The Modern Hobos Guide to Train Hopping

In the post-Sept 11th world that we live in, its admittedly more difficult to do many things we once used to and took for granted. One of these things is our ability to travel without Big Brother noting our whereabouts, you know, in the interest of “national security”. (as I write this in late 2011, […]

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Live Like an International Fugitive

We’ve seen it all before in the movies: there is a big heist and the crooks get away from the long arm of the law to some international safe haven. But, is there such a thing? Can you really live on the lam, like a fugitive in the movies or is this purely make-believe? *Disclaimer: […]

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How To Live On The Run

Lets face it, there are many many good reasons why any one of us might want to drop out and disappear completely. Someone could be out to kill you, you could owe loads of money to the wrong people, or need to get away from a psycho ex. And with the economic turmoil these days, […]

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How To Deal With The Police

With more and more reports regularly in the media of police brutality one has to be more careful than ever when dealing with them, regardless of how in the right we think we are. Its not just the average person that is at risk from some of the police who act no better than street […]

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How To Live Out Of A Suitcase

There are several instances when you might experience living out of a suitcase, such as being on vacation. But what if you could downsize your life to such a level of minimalism that you could live out of a suitcase? You could have just gone through a divorce and want to start over again in […]

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Underground House Plans

With the rising rate of home forclosures in the USA now and another tent city springing up somewhere around the nation every week, there are many ideas for alternative homes out there so that one can live “off of the grid”. One of the easiest DIY home plans I came across recently is details to […]

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How to beat a TASER

Its becoming more and more common nowadays to see police brutality involving the use of Taser guns. It seems like everyday there is another media report of law enforcement or security using a Taser as a compliance tool, often with lethal results. In the point-and-click culture of ours its hardly surprising – who wants to […]

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How To Deal With the Police After a Fight

Surviving an assault on your person, or “winning a fight”, aren’t your only worries, because it is highly probable that you will be dealing with the police and/or legal system. You could win a physical battle, but loose the legal war – if you do not play your cards right! When a street fight or […]

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