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Underground Escape Route

Whenever there are large scale public demonstrations, one of which can turn into a riot at any time – all it takes is a trigger set off by either a small group of agitators, police, or infiltrators. I got to thinking, what if you were caught in such a situation, or got caught someplace where […]

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How to Move Out Secretly

There are times when you might be in a real mess, living in a horrible rat’s nest of an apartment with a slum lord in the same building, and you’ve fallen behind on the rent, or even worse, you are in an abusive domestic situation and you need to move. But, you don’t dare and […]

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How To Start a New Life

For many people faced with a looming real estate mortgage foreclosure on their home or some sort of financial ruin, like their job relocating to another country, maybe the easiest way out is to put their keys through the mailbox and walk away and start again as someone else, somewhere else. There is a little […]

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How to Live in Your Car

Record numbers of Americans are faced with the possibility of loosing their homes and finding themselves in desperate situations without a place to live. With the massive worldwide economic crisis and number of Americans who lost their homes due to the predatory sub-prime mortgage crisis, more and more people are resorting to living in their […]

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