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Canada student loans and bankruptcy

Get Rid of Student Loans In Canada

There is no such thing in Canada as Federal student loan consolidation as it is in the USA. Although one can look for sources of private student loan consolidation, students in Canada get loans through both provincial and federal loans. Prior to 2000, private banks in Canada were the lenders. Since the Canadian government has […]

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6 Safe Havens For Money

Are you worried about a potential collapse of the dollar? Many of us are looking for a safer place to park our money other than the US dollar. We have an unsustainable economy, and it’s largely due to the whole global financial system being one massive ponzi scheme backed by fiat, debt-based currency. Every dollar […]

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Anonymous Travel With Your Money

There are many ways and many good reasons to want to take your own money with you when leaving the country. One could use the typical ways of getting a bank draft transfer, checks or credit cards. But what if you want some privacy? With the recent FINTRAC legislation, it is mandated that all bank […]

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Hide From Debt Collectors

In this down economy, with more and more people facing for closures and bankruptcy, business is booming for collection agents, skip tracers and repo men. Assuming that there is nothing at the moment you can do to address your debts, the practical alternative is to avoid them and at the same time, buy some time […]

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Make Money Writing Online

Looking for a second job from home with residual income? One of the best ways to leverage your skills is to write. This could be in the form of leaflets, publications, self-published Kindle e-books, reports, abstracts, technical manuals, novels, etc, etc. The options here are only limited by our imagination. What follows is a list […]

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Guerilla Frugality

Due to the weakening economy, many people are faced with having to downsize their lifestyles and find more cost-efficient ways of getting by. One would be surprised by how few material things one really needs and how we have been led to believe our stuff can make us happy. Most people naturally equate material possessions […]

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