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67 Jobs That Pay Under the Table 2018

Jobs that pay under the table (sometimes called “working off the books”) are essentially jobs which are paid out in cash. These sorts of jobs that pay cash are actually great opportunities to self-employment when conventional job search prospects fail. (Anoniverse does not advocate income tax evasion, so remember to declare your cash income at […]

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Shop Without Leaving a Paper Trail

It is estimated that less than 5% of the population live entirely by cash alone. We have beome dependent on using plastic banking cards and online purchasing in the last 20-30 years, since the first ATM machines appeared in the early 1980s. There are obvious upsides such as primarily convenience, but there are downsides too. […]

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How to Hide Your Money in a Bank

Continuing the ongoing topic of, the idea of hiding it in plain sight – right in a bank comes to mind. You can easily hide money from an abusive husband bit by bit with the help of a third party. I recently had a discussion with a woman I knew who recently fled a violent […]

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Living on $12,000 a Year

These economic times for more and more people are without precedent in their lives. Many of the middle class are loosing their homes due to mortgage foreclosures, layoffs and jobs moving overseas. As far fetched as it might sound, for a single person without dependents, it is not impossible to live a reasonably good life […]

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Get Rid Of Student Loan Debt

Our economic system is inherently designed to create wealth for lenders by creating consumer debt. Problem is, that personal debts are at record levels, so much so that most of us will spend the rest of our lives being enslaved by it. Fresh out of high school, young adults are being solicited credit cards as […]

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How to Live Without Working

Although many people truly enjoy their jobs more and more people are literally stuck in jobs that are neither satisfying or allow them to “get ahead”. In America, 25% of workers work more than 40 hours a week, and over 20% of them work at least 60 hours a week. That is far more than […]

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How to Hide Your Cash

In these tough economic times, it is little wonder why people would be more concerned than ever with hiding their money. With rising unemployment rates, soaring levels of property crime, higher taxation, more government intrusion into our lives, etc., it is no surprise that people are hoarding their hard earned money. Besides using home safes […]

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Live without paying rent

How to Live Rent Free

World markets are going through an unprecedented crisis right now at a rate that most leading economists cannot even understand. There are record numbers of people facing home foreclosure because of loosing their jobs. Most Americans are a few paychecks away from loosing their homes. Renters are not faring any better either as economic uncertainty […]

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