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How To Survive An Economic Crash

With looming economic uncertainly worldwide, due to the USA market meltdown and credit crisis, many more people are one paycheck away from disaster. At this point, credit has become harder to get and job uncertainty is that much more significant. I got to thinking what it would take to survive, or cope with an economic […]

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How to Use Diversion Safes

What is a diversion safe? Most people could not identify one because they are naturally designed to confuse people. They are ordinary looking everyday objects which allow you to safely hide your valuables in plain sight, right under everyone’s nose! Diversion safes are made from an everyday household objects such as books, food containers, cans, […]

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Hide Your Stash in a Wall Safe

Sometimes cheap can be better. Rather than spending a pile of cash on an obvious home safe, or a floor safe which can be easily detected, a fake receptacle safe can be the way to go. You can purchase something like the one pictured above, or craft your own by disconnecting or hiding the wiring […]

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Make Cash from Home Card Games

Chances are, that you either know someone who plays poker at someone’s home, or underground gambling club, or you have done this yourself. With the state of the economy now, its likely that there is more money being made now in the underground economy through illegal card games than ever. Most cities have literally countless […]

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How To Restore Credit After Bankruptcy

According to The Wall Street Journal staggering record number of 1,530,078 bankruptcy filings were completed in the USA in 2010, which is an increase of 9% from 2009. Financial experts expect that number to climb even higher in 2011. With these kind of statistics, the real fear for many lies not in the bankruptcy, but […]

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