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Anonymous Credit Cards

Safeguard Your Money With Offshore Prepaid Debit Cards

Ever since the meltdown of 2008, there have been numerous reports from around the world of bank failures, governments defaulting and even seizing the bank accounts of private citizens, as we saw in Cyprus. Its become increasingly hard to hide your money, given that currency in digital form equals more surveillance. Hiding your hard earned money so that you have access to it in times of emergency makes sense.


*Disclaimer: Not declaring income or hiding assets from legal proceedings, in most cases, a federal offense. This website in no way endorses tax evasion or money laundering. Do your own research and seek competent legal advice. This information is for information and entertainment purposes only.

One of the best means of asset protection is hiding your money offshore. There are immediate drawbacks to this, particularly if you do not have a second passport or dual citizenship in another nation, it could be disasterous if you could not leave the country to get to your foreign bank account.

This is where offshore prepaid anonymous debit cards come in, they allow you to essentially hide your money in a foreign bank and have access to it at all times - without even leaving the country. Offshore prepaid anonymous debit cards have their advantages!

Whereas traditional prepaid credit cards involve the unconstitutional Patriot Act, foreign prepaid debit card vendors operate entirely outside of the jurisdiction of the legislation.

Your best bet here is a prepaid offshore credit card. These are offshore prepaid anonymous debit cards which come in Visa or Mastercard.

You can get them in either USD or EU denominations. The annual loading limits range between $120,000 and $240,000 and the daily loading limit from $2000 to $25,000.

The cards are ordered online and shipped and can be loaded and reloaded by various money transfer companies, bank transfer or internal transfer. It might be prudent to use a third party to load the card from cash.

Pre-Paid Credit Cards
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There are no credit checks nor security deposits and the cards can be used at ATM machines worldwide to withdraw cash like any other debit card.

These sorts of cards come with the option of having either no-name anonymous cards or with an imprinted name and are capitalized by offshore banks in places like Belize and St. Vincent.

Offshore anonymous prepaid debit cards come stacked with benefits like privacy, 24/7 online access and more. This might buy you some peace of mind - and some privacy.