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How to beat a TASER

Its becoming more and more common nowadays to see police brutality involving the use of Taser guns. It seems like everyday there is another media report of law enforcement or security using a Taser as a compliance tool, often with lethal results.

In the point-and-click culture of ours its hardly surprising - who wants to bother with the hard work of learning close quarter combat and restraining holds when you can just point and squeeze a trigger? Many of the people getting hit with Tasers are people who happened to get caught up in the wrong place at the wrong time. The ironic thing though, is that although these devices cost over $500 a piece and can be defeated for mere pennies!

Taking a vest or an old denim jacket and lining with thin, tightly meshed chicken wire and layers of heavy duty aluminum foil in between will short out the two darts, even if they pierce one's clothing. Several layers of the wire and foil will short the current between the two electrodes. Just use some kind of tool to rivet, staple or snap the wire in the body of the jacket to hold it in place fairly well. Duct tape might come in handy in the final stage of construction to hold it all together.

One doesn't have to look too far to see examples of how out of control law enforcement and other agents of the State have become or late. Sadly, there is no shortage of examples of excessive use of Tasers.