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How to Hide Your Cash

vaultIn these tough economic times, it is little wonder why people would be more concerned than ever with hiding their money. With rising unemployment rates, soaring levels of property crime, higher taxation, more government intrusion into our lives, etc., it is no surprise that people are hoarding their hard earned money. Besides using home safes for hiding money, there are many natural hiding places in and around your home to hide your money. Some of these places are even good enough to fool a seasoned professional burglar. While the one obvious idea is to keep your money in a safety deposit box in your bank, that isn’t always an option for one reason or another, and safety deposit boxes are not insured. Aside from hiding your money overseas, there are some ideas that will work very well.

When it comes to hiding cash money, some of the best hiding spaces for your money or valuables are right under everyone’s nose. There is no need for an expensive home security safe or wall safe. Some of these ideas involve rather extensive work to implement, while others like wall safes, decoy safes to hide your money, are quick fixes — it all depends on your needs, the level of threat to the security of your possessions, and the value you place on your property. Other factors to consider is how long do you need a hiding space for? Do you just need to hide your cash or stash while you go on holidays? Do you need to hide money from an abusive husband? Or do you need a permanent solution?

Secret Stash: The Best Places To Hide Your Cash

Hide your Money In The Yard

There are some bullet proof ways to hide things outside your home on your property so that your money is hidden safely from others. One method is called “cache tubes” (pronounced “cash-ay”).

Although it might seem excessively paranoid to some, Burying your cash might be the most bulletproof way of hiding cash. Using cache tubes involves getting some 6″ to 8″ PVC drain tubing several feet long, with two threaded end caps. Your stash can be placed in several plastic baggies, and then the end caps can be epoxied in place, or sealed with extreme pressure wheel bearing grease, both of which are also available at your local hardware store. This type of tubing, made out of PVC,is strong enough to withstand most natural elements, such as corrosives, salts and water. All one has to do, is to use a common pot hole digger to create a good hole to bury the tube. If you are burying money, make sure it is wrapped in layers of zip lock bags and throw in a silica pack from the inside of vitamin or supplement containers to avoid mildew or similar smells.

Use a PVC Survival Cache as a Home Safe

Another way might be to hide things in hollowed out legs of patio furniture, or metal garden furniture legs, or even the hollow legs of a child’s swingset, or fence post. Again, put your valuables in several layers of plastic baggies.

Hide your Money In The Kitchen

The kitchen has some of the most accessible, natural hiding spots. Take for instance a large flour bin; your goods could be hidden in baggies and buried deep within. Or take an old packaging from frozen food and place your goods in there, and then re-glue the box. Hide that deep in the bottom of your chest freezer. Most people wouldn’t expect a box of frozen breaded liver to contain anything of worth.

Hide your Money In The Hallways

Consider burying small items in the bottom of potted plants, again, concealed in waterproof plastic containers, such as small aspirin bottles. If you have those sectional plastic shelves, you are in luck, as they have hollow parts as well which are perfect for hiding small items. Consider creating a few fake light switch boxes or fake electrical receptacles, they are also good spots.

Hide your Money In Your Room

Do you have furniture that will allow for secret panels to be created in them? It might be possible to build some secret compartments in your sofa, end tables, chairs, or bookshelves. Forget about hiding anything under your bed though, in most break and enters where the home is ransacked, the burglars will turn the mattresses upside down looking for hidden items.

What about building a hidden empty spot behind one of the mirrors in the home? A mirror could conceal a hollow hiding spot quite nicely!

Again, if you seal a tiny item in a small, plastic waterproof container, you might be able to hide it in the gravel in your fishtank, or toilet bowl.

What about air conditioning ducts? If you have some ducts, you could put things in them that are not sensitive to temperatures. Use a string tied to your valuables so that you can retrieve them.

What about building a hollow behind a portion of baseboard in your home? There is another option, since baseboards are so universal in every room of the house, they are natural hiding places.

Cutting away a small part of the drywall and making a hiding space which is later covered with wallpaper could be a good idea, provided that it is on a part of the wall where nobody is likely to touch the wall. Say higher up, near the ceiling might do the trick.

Making a book safe is a another old trick. Simply take a big, hardbound book and glue the pages together. Then use a drill to create some starter holes and then use a coping saw to cut out a rectangular section where some important things could be hidden. Glue this rectangular section to the back cover of the book.

Another trick is to hide the goods in a dummy VHS tape and insert it into an old VCR. Since it is unlikely that anyone would steal a circa 1994 VCR, it is another option to consider. Maybe even use a video cassette labeled “Aunt Jean’s Wedding” or something to that effect.

If making candles interests you, you could even hide some things, such as rings, by melting them inside zip lock bags in a large, dark homemade candle!

Pretty much any container or package can be uses to hide something. There are a number of “decoy safes” or “diversion safes” on the market that look like common everyday household items, such as fire extinguishers, smoke detectors, light switches, peanut butter jars, flower pots, lamps, etc.

How NOT To Hide Valuables!

By far the worst places to hide anything in your home are: closets, dresser drawers, night table, under mattresses, inside old clothes, under carpets, couches, or jewelry boxes. These are the first points of interest for any burglar. Another point of note: hiding money in safety deposit boxes might be illegal in some areas and more importantly, the contents of safety deposit boxes are not insured.

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