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How to Move Out Secretly

There are times when you might be in a real mess, living in a horrible rat's nest of an apartment with a slum lord in the same building, and you've fallen behind on the rent, or even worse, you are in an abusive domestic situation and you need to move. But, you don't dare and take the risk of moving when you could easily be followed to your new location.

The challenge is, how can you move secretly and not leave any trace of where you are moving to?

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How To Move Secretly - The Plan:

To move out of a bad rental situation or dangerous domestic situation, you basically need three things: the cash to pay for your new residence, a new place to move to, and a way to cover your tracks.

Finding creative ways to hide money have been covered in other articles on the site, so we wont revisit that discussion here. Finding a place can be a challenge for some.

For example, if you are in an abusive relationship and do not want to arouse suspicion by spending your free time apartment hunting, enlisting the help of friends to do some of the legwork can help.

If this is the type of trouble you are in, you could always arrange calls to prospective apartment showings from work or school.

When you have found a new apartment you need a way to cover your tracks. Getting a self storage locker is the key to the plan! Find one of those 24/7 self storage places that rents storage units in the Yellow Pages. Most of them have varied plans and sizes of storage units.

The all have 24 hour CCTV surveillance and security too, so your possessions are reasonably safe there. Now, here comes the important part - get a friend to pay for the service.

Do not pay for it yourself using your name, credit cards, etc or anything that someone on your trail could trace back to you. Once you have arranged a rental lease for the storage locker you are all set.

The plan is to move out right under your nemesis' nose if need be, and if they do decide to follow you, they will follow the movers to a storage unit.

Even better if you are not there when it happens. From there, you can come back at your leisure anytime day or night to retrieve your property.

Or keep it there indefinitely and skip the country and have someone sell it off for you and wire you the money. Or keep it there for a few months and move around, crash on a friend's couch, whatever.

Now you have some options!